ScWho 2.0


After a long while a new version of ScWho. This new version supports PowerBuilder 10 as well as PocketBuilder. The GUI has been updated (see screenshot). Because I want to put some more comment within the source code still no source code with this version. I will try to make at available here as soon as possible.



Download version 2.0 (PB10, 609 KB)



ScWho 1.0


Because you can't see directly what objects you and other project members have checked out at a certain moment when using PB Native source control, I wrote ScWho to do this. ScWho is written using PB8.



Key Features



Works with PB8 and PB9.


Just select a workspace you want information for, ScWho gets project information from the registry.


It generates three reports:

1.    Objects currently checked out;

2.    Objects locally missing;

3.    Objects deleted from or not just added to source control.


Fully customizable; add or remove buttons from the toolbars, display background images in listviews etc.


Help file.


Questions, suggestions, comments

I welcome any comments, questions or suggestions you might have. If you find any bugs please mail them to me and I will try to fix them as soon as possible.


Version History

2 july 2005 Version 2.0, build 270. Support added for PocketBuilder and PowerBuilder 10. GUI updated to mimic Office 2003.

28 may 2003  

Version 1.1, build 188. Solved some bugs. Treeview no longer multiselect because it didn't work on every Windows platform

5 may 2003  

Version 1.0, first release.



Download ScWho 1.1 (452 Kb)



Just extract the files to a directory you like. It's compiled with PB8.03, build 9704.